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Elizabeth Ann - Monhegan Boat Line

Laura B - Monhegan Boat Line

Elizabeth Ann - Monhegan Boat Line

Monhegan Boat Line - Port Clyde Maine

Elizabeth Ann underway

Boats: Laura B, Elizabeth Ann

Length (Laura B): 63 feet

Length (Elizabeth Ann): 65 feet

# of Passengers: 35 - 96

Cruise Type: Passenger Service, Sightseeing Cruises

Accepts Kids: Yes

Season: Year Round

Port: Port Clyde

Boat Description

The Monhegan Boat Line operates two vessels, the Laura B, a 63 foot WW II T Boat, and the Elizabeth Ann, a 65-foot passenger cruise boat and water taxi to Monhegan Island. The Laura B is rigged as a heavy-duty work boat. Originally designated a US. Army T-57, she was launched in 1943 and spent WW II in the Pacific. For the past half century, she has been carrying passengers, freight, and mail from the mainland to Monhegan Island.


The Elizabeth Ann was launched in 1995, having been specifically designed as a cruise passenger vessel for sightseeing and water taxi service to Monhegan Island. She is built with the latest advances in marine architecture and equipped with state-of-the-art electronics. Seating includes a glassed-in cabin, the covered stern and the outside upper deck. The Elizabeth Ann rides the ocean waves comfortably in a restless sea.

Boat Photographs

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Boat Trip Information

Monhegan Boat Line offers several sightseeing and boating excursions including daily passenger service to Monhegan Island, lighthouse tours, puffin and nature cruises, and sunset cruises of Muscongus Bay. Lighthouse cruises, puffin & nature tours, and sunset cruises typically run two and a half hours and cruise the nearby waters around Muscongus Bay. Typical sights include lighthouses, marine wildlife, puffins, seals, the rocky shores of Maine, boats of every kind, and many miscellaneous sights & sounds that make up the unique experience people take home from cruising the scenic coast of Maine. For passenger service to Monhegan Island, the crossing time is roughly 60 minutes one-way.


Monhegan Boat Line operates out of the small fishing village of Port Clyde, offering various boating excursions that run several times a day. A typical crossing to Monhegan Island, for example, will take you past Hupper Island and the Marshall Point Lighthouse for the prettiest, quickest, and smoothest boat ride to the island. Along the way, cruise by Allen Island and Benner Island, both owned by the eminent family of painters, the Wyeths. Journey past Old Woman Ledge and out into the shipping lanes of Muscongus Bay. Return from Monhegan via Seal Rock, where a community of seals frolics in the water and basks in the sun.


Puffin and nature cruises will take you out to Eastern Egg Rock to see an Atlantic Puffin nesting site and to learn about Project Puffin, an Audubon-sponsored model for restoring seabird populations around the world. The Lighthouse cruise will show you an array of picturesque Maine lighthouses, including Marshall Point, Two Bush Light, and Southern Island. The latter is now owned by Jamie Wyeth, whose studio is in the keeper's house. There are many fascinating stories about these historic beacons, and the Monhegan Boat Line crew is eager to share them with you.


Advanced reservations are recommended for all boat trips. Boarding time is 15 minutes prior to departure.

Location Map

Monhegan Boat Line Location

Contact Information

P.O. Box 238
Port Clyde, ME 04855
Phone: 207-372-8848

Fax: 207-372-8547
Email: click here

Monhegan Boat Line Website

Monhegan Boat Line Video

Schooner Heritage video


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Monhegan Boat Line offers several sightseeing and boating excursions from Port Clyde including daily passenger service to Monhegan Island, lighthouse tours, puffin and nature cruises, and sunset cruises of Muscongus Bay..



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