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Schooner Mary Day

Schooner Mary Day

Schooner Mary Day

Schooner Mary Day - Camden Maine

Schooner Mary Dail under sail

Boat Type: Schooner

Year Built: 1962

Length Overall: 126 feet

Length on Deck: 90 feet

# of Passengers: 28

Cruise Options: 3, 4, or 6 day trips

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks

Cruise Price: $550 - $1050

Accepts Kids: 12+

Season: May - October

Port: Camden Harbor

Boat Description

Launched in 1962, the 90' Mary Day was the first windjammer to be built specifically with comfort, safety, and performance in mind for the windjamming trade. Carrying on the Maine shipbuilding tradition, she is the first pure sailing schooner built in Maine since 1930. When she was launched in 1962, the Mary Day placed very high regard in the comfort and safety of passengers for cruising the Maine coast. Passengers will certainly find the Mary Day very comfortable, as she has plenty of comfortable seating areas and beautifully appointed cabins. Speed was also one of the major factors that was considered in the construction of the Mary Day. She regularly participates in the yearly Great Schooner Race. The boat can comfortably hold 28 passengers and can tour shallow waters where other boats cannot. This windjammer is also certified and inspected by the US Coast Guard as well as the State of Maine, and is under the careful supervision of captains that have extensive sailing experience.

Boat Photographs

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Cruise Information

Every Monday morning, the Schooner Mary Day sets sail from Camden for a week of poking about among the bays and islands of mid-coast Maine. The region’s many offshore islands and inside passages offer a wonderful variety of adventures as well as the choice of sailing in the shelter of the islands or on the broad ocean, depending on weather and sea conditions. The Mary Day makes every effort to stay off the beaten path, visiting islands and out of the way places on the mainland. The crew of the Mary Day does its best to get passengers off the boat to explore ashore each day. To a great extent, each day's itinerary is determined by the wind – it takes the Mary Day where it’s blowing but the ship always anchors for the night in a snug harbor, whether at an offshore island, salty downeast village, or larger seaside resort. The Mary Day returns to Camden on Saturday before noon to complete this memorable windjammer cruise.

Rate Information (2013 Sailing Season)

2013 Cruise Schedule - RESERVE NOW

Cruise# # Days Sail Date Rate Special Events/Moon Phase
526 3 5/23/13 $550 Memorial Day/Full Moon
527 6 5/29/13 $915 No set itinerary, just relax
528 4 6/4/13 $650 Lighthouse Cruise/New Moon
529 6 6/10/13 $930 Nature & Cultural History
530 6 6/17/13 $955 Craft of Ale Sail
531 6 6/24/13 $930 Nature & Photography/Full Moon


6 7/1/13 $950 Great Schooner Race
533 6 7/7/13 $950 No set itinerary, just relax
534 6 7/15/13 $950 No Smoking
535 4 7/22/13 $725 No set itinerary, just relax
536 4 7/27/13 $725 Delta Aquarids Meteor Showers
537 3 8/1/13 $625 No set itinerary, just relax
538 6 8/5/13 $975 Sweet Chariot Folk Music Festival/New Moon
539 6 8/12/13 $1050 Seamanship Course/Perseids Meteor Showers
540 4 8/19/13 $725 No set itinerary, just relax/Full Moon
541 3 8/23/13 $625 No set itinerary, just relax
542 4 8/27/13 $750 Camden Windjammer Festival
543 4 9/4/13 $650 Lighthouse Cruise-New Moon
544 6 9/9/13 $950 Wooden Boat Rendezvous
545 4 9/16/13 $650 Fall Foliage/Full Moon
546 4 9/21/13 $650 Fall Foliage
547 4 9/26/13 $650 Fall Foliage

Ship Accommodations

Guest Cabins Aboard The Schooner Mary Day

Mary Day, the first schooner built specifically for passengers, accommodates 28 passengers in eleven double, two triple, and two single cabins. All have full headroom and opening skylights and windows to provide plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Our cabins offer maximum headroom, light and air, and are furnished with comfortable mattresses, crisp sheets, warm woolen blankets and comforters, towels, sinks, and soap.


All cabins have cold fresh water for washing; there is ample hot fresh water available. Each cabin has a hot water radiator tapped in to the fireplace to ward off the chill on cool evenings. There are 2 showers, one private and one on deck for rinsing off after swimming. The two heads are on deck.


In the main saloon, there’s a parlor organ for entertainment, and a fireplace to add to the cozy atmosphere. The gentle rise of the saloon staircase makes access to the deck especially easy. On deck, the spacious cabin houses and deck chairs provide plenty of space to relax with your favorite book, good company, and magnificent scenery.


Galley Goodies: food on a Maine windjammer cruise satisfies!

The combination of sun, salt air, and sailing brings on big appetites. Having witnessed this phenomenon for years, the Mary Day is well prepared to handle it. The ship's galley serves generous helpings of such old-fashioned favorites as Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings, New England ham dinner, plenty of salads and fresh vegetables, pancakes, muffins, savory chowders and soups, and even hand-cranked ice cream — all made from scratch and served in generous portions. All of the breads and desserts, including cakes, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and pies brimming with fresh fruits, come straight from the woodstove. And of course every cruise includes the Mary Day's signature meal, their famous all-you-can-eat lobster feast cooked on a secluded beach over a fire.


Barry King & Jennifer Martin

Captains Barry King & Jennifer Martin aboard The Schooner Mary Day

Rest assured that you will be in the care of widely experienced professionals when you sail on the Schooner Mary Day. Your hosts, Barry King and Jennifer Martin are both Coast Guard licensed masters and have extensive sailing and educational backgrounds.


Barry has voyaged to Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and along the Canadian maritimes to Newfoundland. Barry is a Registered Maine Guide, and a Nationally Registered Wilderness EMT. Barry also sails as an officer aboard the 1877 barque Elissa. Jen’s sailing career took her to Florida and the Bahamas before becoming captain of Figaro IV, a classic ocean racing yacht, here on the Maine coast. Jen is a nationally certified Wilderness First Responder.


Jen and Barry met as students with the Audubon Society’s Expedition Institute while earning master degrees in experiential environmental education. This program gave them in-depth experience in a diversity of human and natural communities ranging from a sub-artic fishing village in Labrador to the native American desert southwest. Barry and Jen were married aboard Mary Day and live year round in Maine with their children Sawyer and Courtney. Combining their enthusiasm for people, wilderness, and beautiful traditional sailing vessels, Barry, Jen, Sawyer and Courtney will be happy to welcome you aboard.

Location Map

Mary Day Location

Contact Information

PO Box 798
Camden, ME 04843
TF: 800-992-2218
PH: 207-785-5670
Fax: 207-785-5541
Email: click here

Mary Day Website

Mary Day Video

Schooner Mary Day video


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Launched in 1962, the 90' Mary Day was the first windjammer to be built specifically with comfort, safety, and performance in mind for the windjamming trade.



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