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Lincolnville Beach sits right off of U.S. Route 1 just 7 miles from downtown Camden and offers a small sandy strip of beach head for swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Lincolnville Beach - a small strip of sand right on U.S. Route 1 overlooking Penobscot Bay and Islesboro Island

Lincolnville Beach signLincolnville Beach, Maine is definitely worth a visit if you are vacationing or staying in the Camden Maine area. Lincolnville Beach is only 7 miles north of Camden Maine and is located directly on U.S. Route 1 so it it impossible to miss by car. It is a small community of only a few thousand full-time residents, but the entire town can fill up quickly in the late spring and summer months. It is bordered by lakes, mountains, and of course Penobscot Bay. It has attracted people from all walks of life with its beauty and simplicity including artists, writers, boat builders and even icons of Silicon Valley like Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet and the founder of 3Com Corporation.

Islesboro ferry at Lincolnville BeachThe real allure of Lincolnville Beach, Maine is, of course, its beach and the town's unique location right on the ocean. Lincolnville Beach is a small strip of sand right on Penobscot Bay that overlooks the island of Islesboro which is just a short thirty minute ferry trip away. The State of Maine operates a ferry terminal and service right from Lincolnville Beach which is a great way to get out on the bay. Many visitors enjoy a ferry ride to Isleboro Island to spend the day.

The beach offers a long strip of sand with a gradual depth to the water that is great for wading or swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Lincolnville Beach is also a good place to put in a kayak and explore the coastline of Penobscot Bay. Water sports such as fishing, kayaking, and boating are extremely popular and you can even get access to a 325 mile waterway that is the link between the coast and 48 different, nearby islands. As previously mentioned, the beach sits right on U.S. Route 1 and is located in the heart of the town's small business district. There are a wide variety of antique shops, galleries, a local museum and several restaurants all within easy walking distance of the beach. There you can enjoy some of the best lobster on the coast or a clambake on the beach.


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