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Fort Popham - built in 1862 on the banks of the Kennebec River to protect Maine's capital, Augusta, from a confederate invasion

Brown's Head LightThe Fort Popham State Historic Site features not only a historic fort but excellent photography opportunities and a chance to see some amazing coastal landscape. Fort Popham is well-known as a coastal defense land battery. It was one of several forts that were built near the mouth of the Kennebec River over the past three centuries. Its original construction was approved because of growing concerns about the effectiveness of Confederate naval ships preceding the Civil War. It is composed almost entirely of granite blocks and utilizes an unique crescent shape that spans almost 500 feet in circumference.

Construction of Fort Popham began in 1862, however it was never to be completed as construction ended in 1869. It was to be used to help fortify and protect Maine's capital, Augusta, from a confederate invasion. The granite needed to complete the 30 foot walls of the fort was taken from nearby Fox Island and Dix Island. Within the walls were 36 cannons that were arranged with two separate tiers of casements. Each cannon, individually weighed around 25 tons and could fire shot that would weigh up to 480 pounds. On the opposite, or back side of Fort Popham, a low moated curtain was built that featured 20 musket ports around a central gate. Unfortunately, in 1905 construction began on Fort Baldwin which is located on the headland above Fort Popham. Fort Baldwin was to feature longer-range guns and would immediately render Fort Popham obsolete.

Fort PophamBefore Fort Popham, the site was still utilized for military purposes. Originally, a minor fortification was constructed during the American Revolution and in 1808 the Federal Government added a battery that became known as an “embargo fort”. It was actively manned until 1815 and saw action in the War of 1812.

The Fort Popham State Historic Site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1969. However, many visitors grab much more than just a history lesson around Maine's coastal military tradition on an average visit. Many people enjoy the nearby fishing opportunities that have become well-known for being a great way to spend a day. There are also many scenic photography opportunities around the historic site. From the fort architecture itself, to the wildlife and surrounding land, visitors can snap excellent pictures of otters, seals, and a wide variety of beautiful birds. There are very few areas that are fenced off (for safety reasons), so there is ample opportunity to take a day and just explore the surrounding landscape of Fort Popham State Historic Site.


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