Camden is the Quintessential Coastal Maine Village

Camden Harbor, Camden Maine

Camden Maine is known around the state as the “Jewel of the Coast” for good reason. It is a quaint little town by the sea featuring a beautiful harbor that is always active and engaging. It is a reflection of what everyone thinks of, when they picture a small New England coastal village.

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, then Camden is exactly what you are looking for. From almost anywhere within the town, you get views of the surrounding Camden Hills in one direction and a pristine view of the harbor and Penobscot Bay in the other. From downtown Camden, it is quick drive to Camden Hills State Park, which is full of unique trails – some great for a relaxing afternoon jaunt and some more difficult for energetic hikers.

You can also spend your time walking around town and taking in a variety of 19th century architecture. Downtown Camden is full of small locally-owned shops and boutiques that give you access to an experience that is unparalleled anywhere else in the New England area. There is also a host of excellent galleries and restaurants that can quickly consume your day.

Camden has a diverse collection of local art flooding the galleries and restaurants. Spend your day feasting on lobster and other New England specialties. You can even find some great food in the local inns and bed and breakfasts in the area.

When it is colder, Camden is a great place for a romantic winter getaway at one of the local inns or quaint lodging establishments. When snow is on the ground, the town looks like it was taken out of a beautiful painting and nestled into the New England coast. When it is warmer, you can visit sailboats in the harbor and even jump in a kayak. There is always a Windjammer or schooner to whisk you away on a short cruise or multi-day trip. You can even visit the historic lighthouse on Curtis Island sitting quietly at the harbor’s entrance.

Camden Maine is everything a small New England harbor town should be. It can be a relaxing vacation or an energy-filled journey – from casual shopping to local sightseeing to hiking in the nearby hills – it is all up to you. For more information about the top area attractions, we suggest you visit our Camden Maine Things to Do page. Just remember to share the wealth and take some of Camden home with you for family and friends. With all of the local art and crafts, you can find small pieces in any shop to help you remember your stay.

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