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Located in Owls Head, Maine, this crescent-shaped oceanfront beach offers sweeping panoramic views of Western Penobscot Bay and the surrounding islandsr.

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Birch Point Beach State Park - a quiet and picturesque oceanfront beach overlooking Mussel Ridge Channel in Owls Head, Maine

Birch Point Beach State ParkBirch Point Beach State Park is tucked away in Maine's mid-coastal region. Just finding it can be an adventure all its own. It is south of Ash Point in Owls Head, Maine and can be found on a tiny peninsula bordering Mussel Ridge Channel on the western side of Penobscot Bay. It may be hard to find, but is well worth the search. Once you find Birch Point Beach State Park, you will be privy to some of the best oceanfront scenery in the entire mid-coastal region. It features a crescent-shaped oceanfront beach that is focused between two extremely rocky areas in the Mussel Ridge Channel. From here, you can see a sweeping panoramic view of all of the islands that are scattered alongside Penobscot Bay.

This area is for day use only, so there is no need to pack your overnight camping gear. However, park visitors often enjoy a wide variety of activities. It is a popular place to go for a quick swim in the often chilly, but invigorating waters of Penobscot Bay. However, you always need to be careful because there are no lifeguards on duty in the area. It is also a popular spot for those that enjoy the simple pleasure of shore-fishing and casting a line for saltwater rock bass or mackerel in-season. It is also a great spot for a relaxing picnic, beachcombing for sea shells or just sitting and watching the native wildlife. It has become a very popular sanctuary for photographers and has been the focus of hundreds to thousands of photos over the years.

Birch Point Beach State ParkThe park is small compared to others in the region, but there is no charge for you to drop by for a few hours, or an entire day. This small park is well known by locals because it is off the beaten path. Even if you know where it is, you need to keep a sharp eye. The entrance to the park can only be accessed by driving through an open gate, tucked away at the end of a dirt road. Seconds after you pass through the gate, you will be hit with a smooth, sandy beach with only a limited number of amenities including a few outhouses and picnic tables. It is the perfect setting for anyone looking to get away from it all and spend a day in peaceful serenity. Most people will just walk the beach and enjoy the gentle surf. Check out beautiful enclaves, smooth bedrock, and dunes of cobble stones and pebbles. Others will just sit on the beach and wait for nature to come to them. With the vast amount of wildlife waiting in the wings, it never takes long.


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